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Malewa Bush Venturesoffers a completely unique destintion in Kenya specialising in leadership and team building for all ages but also providing for environmental education and supporting ‘corporate social responsibility’

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Malewa Bush Ventures can easily accommodate, an action packed programme that will see everyone challenged, engaged and absolutely loving it! All our packages can be tailor made to meet specific requirements.

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Simply check out the details on this site, agree on a suitable programme with our experienced reservations staff, and book your dates via email or on line. Leave the rest to us!. You can book online for your reservation.

Community Development

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With the severe degradation of the local environment, there has been a need to introduce environmental education and sustainable land use options to both adult community members, as well as local primary school level.

Malewa Ice Breakers & Warm ups

Malewa Bush Ventures believes in giving people the opportunity to experience the outdoors through a combination of challenging activities, adventure and fun. We help them gain better knowledge and understanding of themselves, each other and the natural world so that they become team players and informed leaders who give their best to their families, their friends, and their country.

“The web of life is irrefutably entangled with the natural world, and wilderness has its own therapy, so if we allow the minefield of urban existence to outwit us and dictate over our relationship with the earth, then we will become ever more impoverished”

Chris Campbell Clause, Managing Director, Malewa Bush Ventures.